Like you and many, I have been through the lessons multiple times, more than I can count.

What I have learned is this:

Just do them, period.

Do not try to understand them, it’s a waste of time, just do them as instructed.  The amount of time I spent “desperately” trying to get the import of each lesson, particularly the longer ones as we got past the first 60 or so, I realize I was doing the ego’s beckoning to complicate my study.

As Rev. Deb wrote, just bring as much willingness as you can muster and if even that isn’t enough to sustain your practice, ask the Holy Spirit to help you ignite some.  OR…call on your mighty companions, all of us who will be working through with you, for a little pep talk.  Ask and receive, we’re here for you.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t remember the lesson until almost midnight that night, kidding, as Rev. Deb wrote, just start applying it the minute you remember.

See lesson 95 for Jesus’ take on the ego’s delaying tactics, paragraphs 8 through 10, very helpful as you start the new year with fervor and commitment.

Remember no question or inquiry is “stupid”, we are all here to serve.  Ask away.

Join us on a number of different forums to strengthen your practice.  I participate in the Wednesday study group and the Thursday classes, I treasure the time I spend learning from Rev. Deb (on Thursdays) as well as from my fellow participants. 

PLEASE don’t drop out and feel compelled to start anew with Lesson 1, I did that for years a long time ago, couldn’t get past Lesson 248 or so.  It wasn’t until I joined the ministerial program back in 2009 that I finally worked through the WB, etc. 

OK, that’s enough for now.

I will try to post often, not just for all of you, but to, also, reinforce what I need to learn!

Cannot wait to begin!

With much love and Happy New Year,



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