We have begun!


Nothing I see in this room [on this street, from this window, in this place] means anything.

I am practicing these lessons to train my mind. I commit to doing so that I may reap the benefits and strengthen my peace of mind. I do not need to be concerned about doing the lessons absolutely perfectly, but give my “little willingness” as Jesus states to me. I am willing to use these ideas without judgment or ascribe a meaning to them. I will do them as stated and know that the light will dawn in my mind.

I start off with a clean slate, it matters not if I have done these lessons before (and I have for almost three decades). I become open to starting with the baby step that this lesson 1 provides. There is no need to hurry or try to jump lessons to what I think I know. I simply stay in the moment with the lesson as is. That is all that is required.

Slow and sure as I look around and allow the lesson statement to do its work.

My love to everyone here and I love to hear your thoughts as we continue.

Rev. Deb


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