There is a tendency with ACIM students, particularly new students, to attempt to make the Course say what it does not say. We can be colored by our previous studies of philosophy or other religions or other spiritual seeking, modalities like yoga or reiki and the like and place those on top of what the Course is seeing.

It becomes a game and we fervently believe we know this Course after reading 200 pages for example. We need to take our time, study, practice and learn from others.

Yes, there are similar paths, and some of which is shared you may resonate deeply. Jesus tells us there are thousands of paths. This course is universal.

However, like learning anything new, be it a position at a new place of employment, a recipe, or a foreign language, we must follow the guidelines set forth. These guidelines, be it in our job or a recipe, for example, are there to assist us on the path.

Jesus is helping us to retrain our mind. That means we need to come to the Course with an open mind, willingness, and a blank slate. Be willing to be teachable. Do not fool yourself into thinking you know it all. This is where the ego trap is.

We all can learn something new, no matter how long we have been studying and practicing this Course, myself included.

Follow what Jesus says within the Workbook instructions and you will be in good hands.

~ Rev. Deb


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