In the Introduction it is made clear that the Workbook is the practical application and training piece of the entire Course. The exercises are simple, yet we can tend to make these exercises extremely difficult because we overthink them. If we take the lessons just one at a time, do them as instructed, the lessons will work for us. The trouble is we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to decipher the lesson instead of using the lesson as directed by Jesus.

My suggestion, which comes from my own practice, is to come to each lesson with an open mind. I found it personally extremely helpful to do so. That is, whether you are studying for the very first time or you have been around the lesson block several times. Take each one new and fresh than before. Certainly we all have our favorite lessons that we claim. Be open to new experiences. Be willing to learn a new insight, one you have not thought of before.

Sometimes those who are repeating the lessons for a fifth, sixth or even twentieth round find the early lessons to be “boring” or “unimportant.” If you feel that way, remember that is the ego attempting to undermine your efforts. Each lesson is as important as the next. There is a system set up by Jesus that needs to extend from Lesson 1 until Lesson 365. Each lesson is needed to train your mind into a new thought system of love rather than fear.

Jesus gives us simple rules. Practice as indicated. Do not decide for yourself what you should use for the lesson or not. We will be starting off on specific items and then extending outward. This is so we learn that eventually we include everything in our outer and inner world.

And the final piece, we may not like the lessons, resist the lessons, judge the lessons, understand the lessons, believe the lessons, nor accept the lessons. We do the lessons with simple willingness. That is all it takes is a little willingness. I know in the 27 years of studying ACIM and practicing the Workbook there were times I forgot to do the lesson until later in the day. Do it when you remember. There were times when all I seemingly had time for was a read-through of the lesson. That is still willingness. We are not to try to do the lessons absolutely perfect, but at least put our best effort forth.

Focus on one lesson at a time. Do your best. Do not judge yourself. Be open and willing. Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself and RELAX. It worked for me, and it will work for you.

Rev. Deb Phelps

December 28, 2018


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